Privacy Policy

Personal information security is the greatest concern for individuals performing transactions via the internet. With this in mind, we have employed the most sophisticated methods to ensure that all of your vital information is absolutely 100% secure while using our online catalog. While all of the security measures are taking place "behind the scenes", here is a short explanation of how you can verify such security measures. As you navigate into the "checkout  process", you are entering into an encrypted (secure) area of our online catalog. Encrypted information looks like meaningless garbage to eavesdroppers, so your personal information is secure. You can verify this by observing the bottom toolbar of your browser window. If you see a solid key, or a closed padlock, you are in "secure" mode. If the key is broken, or the padlock is open, you are in "normal" mode. What actually happens when you enter our checkout screen, you have been transferred to a different computer in order to handle personal information that you provide.