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This is a complete throttle kit assembly for a Right Hand Drive Late bay 1972-1976
The original kits are based on a steel rod inside a loose fitting steel tube that get very notchy.
This kit is very similar but has internal roller bearings so less play/slop. It is a very smooth system.
Also kit has several other modifications done to it. At the cable end there are now 3 different locations to give more pull or less pull on the cable, so caters for stock engines and modified setups.
There is also the added bonus of a return spring that will reset the pedal, and take the pressure off the carb return springs.
At the pedal end there is now a rose jointed linkage that goes to the pedal, alot more positive to the old ‘S’ shaped pushrod, this is also adjustable. The whole kit has been black plated so long lasting coating with a high salt resistance.
NOTE: You’re buying the linkage not the pedal and floor hinge.
Kit comes ready to bolt in, with longer screws to use with your original tube clamps.

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